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WAYUMI / wī yo͞o mē / wãyumƗ: as a semi-nomadic people, the Yanomami will abandon their homes and embark on an extended trek through the jungle.​

Wayumi follows David Good's epic journey to the Amazon rainforest in Venezuela. His mission? Find his mother, Yarima, and fulfill her wish to reunite with her long lost family in the United States. Mother and son courageously face insurmountable odds as they embark on an unforgettable adventure across radically different cultures and landscapes to bring together a family that separated nearly thirty years ago. 

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The Crew


Andrew is the director and a producer of Wayumi. A graduate of UC Berkeley, Andrew spearheads feature films, advertisements, music videos and documentaries. He has worked with brands such as Hyundai, Heineken, and popular recording artists including Lizzo. Andrew holds a passion for riveting content and prides himself on finding a way to bring a story to life despite overwhelming obstacles.



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Elius is the creative producer and unit director of Wayumi. He is a Los Angeles based filmmaker with a BA in Film Studies from the Dodge College of Film and Media Arts at Chapman University. He has produced and written several independent features and TV programs. Elius has worked as a creative consulstant and art director for brands like Ford; as well as production companies such as MuteSix, Foxhound, and Snow Beach.


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David is a producer of Wayumi. He is a biologist, author, explorer and founder of the Good Project, a nonprofit that benefits the Yanomami. He has conducted six expeditions to Yanomami territory since 2011, and continues to support programs in Yanomami health, intercultural education, and cultural preservation. David's history has been featured in various media outlets such as NPR, CBS, BBC, People Magazine, and National Geographic. He strives to teach the world the Yanomami way of life and why it is important to protect the Amazon rainforest.

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