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2018 Live Q&A from Yanomami village to the world via satellite phone

In 2018, I had coordinated a live Q&A from my Yanomami village via satellite phone. Hosted by Northampton Community College of Pennsylvania, we were able to field questions in real time in the field. This was my first time and I enjoyed every minute! It was a bit tough as the scorching sun overheated my camera which had constantly shut off. All in all, it was an amazing experience. I hope to do this for years to come. Enjoy!

Timestamped questions

3:04 QUESTION: How are you? What are you up to? How is your foot??

4:58 QUESTION: What was it like when Yarima saw you?

6:43 QUESTION: Is she with you right now?

7:06 QUESTION: Is there a concern from your or your Yanomami family with bringing illness to the jungle from yourself and other outsiders?

11:00 QUESTIONS: [Inaudible] you have any worries or concerns on immigration (in light of the travel ban)?

12:57 QUESTION: How's your mom? How is her health? 14:40 QUESTION: What are some things you do for recreation?

16:05 QUESTION: Have you pierced your ears (like a Yanomami)?

16:59 QUESTION: How has life changed for your mother and the Yanomami as a whole since the first trip (2011)? Response cut off due to overheating of camera.


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