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I turned 34 today! A quick shout out and thank you for all the support and encouragement

Thank you friends and family for the birthday wishes. I dedicate this day to all the Yanomami communities that are fighting the spread of Covid-19. Imagine how difficult it must be for Yanomami communities so remote and isolated unable to to receive emergency medical care and intervention.

They are at an extremely high risk for rapid spread of this devastating disease. I appreciate all of the medical personnel in Venezuela and Brazil that are on the front lines trying to to contain it and treat the sick.

I believe that my mother and my village are safe. I have no means of contacting them but I hope they moved inland and remained there cut off from the outside world. My birthday wish is for everyone to take a moment to learn something about them today.

You can visit to make a contribution to the Good Project that supports Yanomami programs or browse my personal blog site at to get some of my personal insights on Yanomami culture.

As I spend this day with some introspection, I can't express enough my deepest gratitude for all those who supported me and encouraged me to be the man, partner, father, brother, and son I am today and to continue my mission to support the Yanomami people.


To learn more about the Yanomami and support their programs visit

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