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Embark on a transformative journey with our captivating speaking engagements that will ignite inspiration, elevate emotions and leave a lasting impact. 

David Good
David Good

David Good is a member of the Yanomami tribe, author, explorer, filmmaker, public speaker, founder of the Yanomami Foundation, and co-founder of Shabono Media. He is currently a PhD candidate in microbiology at the University of Guelph, Ontario. His research focuses on the gut microbiome of Yanomami communities still living a traditional lifestyle of hunting-gathering and gardening. He coordinates expeditions to Yanomami territory to support health, biocultural research, education, and cultural preservation programs. His unique ancestry and scientific training provide a rare opportunity to advance our understanding of Yanomami society while building global awareness of the importance of protecting these few remaining isolated indigenous societies. David has over a decade of experience delivering unique presentations that engage the audience with a deeper appreciation for the Amazon ecosystem and its indigenous peoples.


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From Amazon to Garden State

Life's Tough, but David Good is TOUGHER!


Ryan Daly, Westfield Highschool of New Jersey

“Hosting David Good as a guest speaker was the highlight of my teaching career! David’s story captivated an audience of over three hundred high school students for over an hour. His speaking style was dynamic and engaging as he recounted his incredible life story. It was one of the most educational and inspirational assemblies I have ever attended."
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Andrew Balcof

Andrew Balcof is a storyteller who creates content intending to engage audience's deepest emotions. Wayumi, and his upcoming scripted feature, Angels of Mercy, highlight characters with stories regularly excluded from mainstream media. Whether it's documenting a man torn between his juxtaposed lineage (Wayumi) or creating a world where heroes can have atypical bodies (Angels of Mercy), the ultimate objective of Andrew's films is to take their audiences on a journey that persists even after they've left the theater.

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